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The Barium Sky 1 

Revelation 16:

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; (aēr - the atmospheric region) and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done…

Barium is a silvery-white metal that can be found in the environment, where it exists naturally. It can combine with other chemicals, such as aluminum, sulfur, oxygen and carbon, to form what have been called "Chemtrails". It is very light and its density is half that of iron. Barium oxidizes in air, reacts vigorously with water to form the hydroxide, liberating hydrogen. Barium reacts with almost all the non-metals, forming often poisonous compounds. Small amounts of water-soluble barium may cause a person to experience breathing difficulties, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm changes, stomach irritation, muscle weakness, changes in nerve reflexes, swelling of brains and liver tissue, kidney and heart damage. This metal, Barium, has been found in test samples after days of spraying over our western skies.  When the dew point in the atmosphere reaches a certain percentage..there is rain.  The rain that's washed off trees and plants is then tested.  There have been many reports of sticky like droplets falling from the sky.  When the general population comes in contact with the substance they become very ill.  Chemical analysis has shown aluminum oxide and micro fibers composed of barium and aluminum.  There has also been reports of people feeling like they have Alzheimer’s-type symptoms. Strangely, no one knows why it's being done or who is doing it? Or do they?

Presidential Determination No. 2001-27 of September 18, 2001
Classified Information Concerning the Air Force's
Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada
Memorandum for the Administrator of the Environmental
Protection Agency and the Secretary of the Air Force

I find that it is in the paramount interest of the United States to exempt the United States Air Force's operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada, the subject of litigation in Kasza v.Browner (D. Nev. CV-S-94-795-PMP)
and Frost v. Perry (D. Nev. CV-S-94-714-PMP), from any applicable requirement for the disclosure to unauthorized persons of classified information concerning that operating location. Therefore, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 6961 (a), I hereby exempt the Air Force's operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada, from any Federal, State, interstate, or local provision respecting control and abatement of solid waste or hazardous waste disposal that would require the disclosure of classified information concerning the operating location to any unauthorized person. This exemption shall be effective for the full one-year statutory period.

Nothing herein is intended to: (a) imply that in the absence of such a Presidential exemption, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) or any other provision of law permits or requires disclosure of classified information to unauthorized persons; or (b) limit the applicability or enforcement of any requirement of law applicable to the Air Force's operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada, except those provisions, if any, that would require the
disclosure of classified information.

The Secretary of the Air Force is authorized and
directed to publish this determination in the Federal

George W. Bush

Washington, September 18, 2001

What better place to have jets full of Chemicals start spraying the skies than from an airbase that doesn't exist.  Area 51 / Groom Lake, highly classified Air Force operating location, is exempt from hazardous waste laws.  The base is so secretive that even President Clinton signed into law its exempt status.

     As Close to Area 51 as You Will Ever Get 




Guy actually makes it into area 51 main gate



Richard Leiby, Washington Post Staff Writer..July 20, 1997; Page F1 ...Turley is a law professor at George Washington University -- he directs its nonprofit Environmental Law Advocacy Center, funded in part by Hollywood do-gooder Barbra Streisand. He flies here every few months to meet with the clients he is representing in a lawsuit against the government -- Area 51 workers past and present and their families. He represented Wally Kasza before he died.  Bill Clinton certainly did not kill Wally Kasza, but he has been forced to deal with his angry widow. The administration maintains an abiding interest in the lawsuit Stella Kasza has brought against the federal government. Under a "presidential determination" that he must renew annually, Clinton has decreed that potential evidence related to Kasza's death is classified, top-secret, a matter of national security -- and that "it is in the paramount interest of the United States" that none of it be disclosed.  What's being covered up there, according to lawsuits filed by Kasza's widow, another worker's widow and five former Area 51 employees, are brazen environmental crimes. For several years, the workers say, they labored in thick, choking clouds of poisonous smoke as hazardous wastes were burned in huge open trenches on the base. Military officers armed with M-16s stood guard as truckloads of resins, paints and solvents -- materials used to make the Stealth bomber and other classified aircraft -- were doused with jet fuel and set ablaze with road flares.  Employees there cannot talk about the work they do. Everything and everyone connected to the base is classified -- part of the military's multi-billion-dollar "black budget" operations. "Specific activities . . . both past and present . . . cannot be discussed," the Air Force says in a statement Environmental crimes are particularly insidious because, as Turley points out, the victims often don't know they are victims. The burnings alleged by the workers are punishable by up to 15 years in prison. From their perspective, the evidence has been suppressed by the most powerful man in America. Federal environmental law requires public disclosure of the results of the EPA's inspection of the Groom Lake base. To prevent this, President Clinton invoked the military and state secrets privilege, specifically exempting the base from disclosing any pollution reports.  "When the government does wrong, we have the moral responsibility to admit it," the president said. Americans have become cynical and lost faith in democracy, he said, "because of stonewallings and evasions of the past, times when a family member or a neighbor suffered an injustice and had nowhere to turn and couldn't even get the facts."  A few days before that speech, Clinton signed the first order exempting Area 51 from disclosing its pollution records. 

       Breezy afternoon with normal cloud formation...


                                  Chemtrail afternoon across The Barium Sky...


                                             1st stage - spraying of the sky...


                                       2nd stage - spray starts to spread out...


                   3rd stage  - planes criss-cross the sky until the sun is covered...




                                 The CIA facility at Pinal Airpark, Arizona

Another location where chemtrail spraying could be originating, besides Groom Lake, is a small "airport" in Arizona where planes are modified to fight forest fires...

Evergreen Maintenance Center Hangar that is in Marana, AZ. Commercial airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and leading government agencies entrust heavy maintenance work to Evergreen Maintenance Center. EMC is one of the largest full-service commercial maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in the United States. Pinal Airpark covers over 2,000 acres and has one runway. Marana became the headquarters of all CIA air operations during the Vietnam War years, when it was the primary facility of Intermountain Airlines/Airways/Aviation, CIA owned company which was used to supply covert operations in Southeast Asia and elsewhere Intermountain flew.


                                          The EVERGREEN Supertanker        






Several eyewitness blogged their opinions about Evergreen…reports from private pilots who have attempted to refuel at the Evergreen Maintenance Center in Arizona, they indicate that it is a militarized facility...


"Tried to drive to EMC on Memorial Day. Armed guard refused us entry to FBO. Found out later that this is where they were training air marshals. This is a full military base; don't even think about going there."

"Last time I landed at Pinal I got an armed escort directly back to the departure end of the runway. No options. Nice. I’ve been flying Arizona for 10 years."

"FBO was rude and a mechanic told us it was a private airport. Evergreen practically chased us out."

"EVERGREEN AIR--CIA FRONT engaged in BLACK OPS too numerous to mention, I know of one the top pilots for EVERGREEN. A lead company in providing aircraft used in covert operations and aircrew for same. A cousin of mine was a pilot for EVERGREEN HELICOPTERS for many years besides flying for US JET (defunct) and AIR CAM (based at Centennial Airport near the BRONCOS Headquarters/training facility) - both fronts for CIA covert ops- flying the ELITE around whenever "they" would visit Colorado, this included COMMITTEE of 300 member, Ted Turner, and many of the Savings and Loan/HUD/money. My cousin has mentioned to me before when I warned him about further involvment with AIR CAM, "Ya know,I have involved in doing "some things" that I'm not proud of ". He left AIRCAM 4 years ago and is presently flying a MEDIVAC chopper as Chief Pilot for a well known large Denver hospital. From information that I have pieced together over the past several years, I firmly believe that EVERGREEN is one of the lead companies used to modify aircraft used in CHEMTRAIL spraying operations, those would be aircraft taken out of storage at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base boneyard in Tucson and the Mojave Airport among others. There are 100's of aircraft available for CHEMTRAIL spraying ops because of newer model replacements in the commercial and military fleets. Google EVERGREEN AIR."
Viet Nam Vet a Concerned Citizen

The inside of a chemical tanker, that may of been a civil airplane, in which the original furniture was substituted by hydraulic structures, managed by an automatic and computerized system.  The writings: over the black and yellow square, read “Sprayer”, below “Hazard inside”. Upon a container on the right, you can read “Lock care”.

 Interesting facts about Evergreen


…A development effort from the family of Evergreen Companies, the Supertanker brings a massive payload of over 20,000 gallons of fire fighting agent (about 7 times the volume of the federal government's largest air tanker), and a revolutionary pressurized system that allows fires to be fought from higher, safer altitudes...

• Firefighting

• Oil Spill Containment

• Weather Modification

• Biochemical Decontamination

The Evergreen Supertanker is not just limited to fighting fire. It will be a true utilitarian aircraft with the capability to configure to different applications on short notice. This multimission aircraft can support sensitive security and environmental missions. The aircraft’s exceptional drop capabilities, loiter time and size make it an ideal tool to perform challenging homeland security missions, able to neutralize chemical attacks on military installments or major population centers, and help control large, environmentally disastrous oil spills…

Are there any other markets for the Evergreen Supertanker? Can it operate globally?

Evergreen is studying other applications for the Supertanker. Oil spill containment, chemical decontamination and weather modification are all potential markets for this aircraft. Because the aircraft is pressurized, the Evergreen Supertanker has the capability of any long-range Boeing 747 passenger aircraft. This allows the aircraft to deploy to any international location.

What airports will Evergreen operate the Supertanker out of?

Evergreen will operate the aircraft from any major airport with sufficient ramp space to load the aircraft. These include civilian bases, joint use civilian/military bases and accessible military bases. Generally, the runway requirements for the Evergreen Supertanker are 8000 ft, of which 80% of U.S. airports meet or exceed this requirement.



The Good, The Bad and The Private Contractors:

All of the C-130s were moved out into private hands passing through Evergreen facilities at Marana Airpark and through Davis-Montham Air Force base in Tucson right next door. The first of the C-130s reached private hands and titles were transferred in 1987. The five selected companies were Hemet Valley Flying Service in Riverside County, California (which received the first seven and showed Reagan as a signatory on one of its contracts); Hawkins and Powers of Greybull, Wyoming; TBM of Tulare, California; Aero-Union of Chico, California (which shared office space with one of Reagan's shell companies where Contra mechanic Ross worked) and T&G aviation of Chandler, Arizona. T&G got in on the act after hearing of the bonanza and complaining to Arizona Senators De Concini and McCain. T&G is owned by admitted former Air America and CIA pilot Woody Grantham.


Evergreen, originally based in McMinnville, Oregon, expanded from a small helicopter in the 1960s “to a major international airline with secret government contracts” according to the Portland, Oregon Free Press. The Oregonian reported that “Evergreen Airline Company, Evergreen International Airlines, Inc., was built on remnants of two older airlines—one a wholly owned CIA proprietary, or front company, and the other a virtual branch of the U.S. Forest Service that for years secretly had helped the CIA recruit paramilitary personnel.”

In 1975, after a series of embarrassing revelations during Senator Frank Church’s investigation of the CIA, the “company” liquidated Intermountain Aviation Inc. of Marana, Arizona near Tucson. Intermountain’s assets were purchased by two Oregon companies that the CIA selected: Evergreen and Rosenbalm Aviation Inc. But Evergreen was the big winner. One of the CIA’s top aviation officers, the legendary covert ops expert George Doole worked for Evergreen as a director. Prior to this, Doole managed all of the CIA’s proprietary airlines. The CIA selected Evergreen to take over the agency’s airbase at Marana. An investigation by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Oregonian documented that “The CIA offered Intermountain’s substantial Arizona assets only to Evergreen.”

What followed was a decade of privileged treatment and government contracts to the airline. Evergreen purchased the CIA’s Arizona assets at a fraction of their real worth. An Arthur Andersen and Co. financial statement indicates that Evergreen’s assets nearly doubled from $25 million to more than $45 million one year after the deal. Evergreen’s revenues rose from $8-10 million range in 1975 to $77.9 million by 1979, according to U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board documents.






The following article was written for the Arizona Star 1998..
When 28 military airplanes were illegally transferred from the Air Force to private companies, they may have served a covert purpose - flying missions for the CIA.

That allegation, stoked for years in a civil suit, was further fueled last month, when it entered the criminal case against the men convicted of running the aircraft-exchange program.

Roy D. Reagan and Fred A. Fuchs were convicted of conspiracy to put the 22 C-130s and six P-3s in private hands through exchanges for relatively worthless older planes. U.S. District Judge William Browning will sentence them this morning. The men could get prison terms of five years or more.

The participants in the criminal case consistently denied any connection with the CIA until last month. Then A. Melvin McDonald, Reagan's attorney, brought up the CIA in a court filing. While requesting a new trial, McDonald said one of the government's witnesses, William Eck, was a CIA operative, and that he should have been informed of an investigation of Eck. “William Eck was known . . . as a major airplane broker who routinely furnished C-130s to Third World and other foreign countries by the CIA,'' wrote McDonald, a former U.S. attorney for Arizona.

During the trial, Eck testified about the value of two C-130s he purchased after the exchanges, one of which he sold to an African company. Eck, interviewed by telephone yesterday from his office in Nevada, denied any connection with the CIA, and the CIA denies any involvement with the exchange program or Forest Service contractors. The Justice Department, which prosecuted Reagan and Fuchs and is a co-plaintiff in the civil suit, also denies the allegation. “We've never found any evidence of CIA involvement,'' said Assistant U.S. Attorney Claire Lefkowitz.  But there is evidence - none of it conclusive - that keeps the allegation alive, despite the Justice Department's efforts to end such speculation. The evidence arises largely from the 1994 civil suit filed by a private whistle-blower, Gary R. Eitel, of Washington state. Eitel, a former combat pilot who claims to have flown for the CIA, alleges in the suit not only that Reagan and Fuchs defrauded the government, but that the six contractors who received aircraft also did. Under the law governing this sort of case, Eitel stands to gain 15 percent to 30 percent of any damages won from the defendants.

Last year, the Justice Department joined Eitel as a co-plaintiff in the case, but Eitel and the department have not cooperated. Instead, they've bickered, often over Eitel's insistence on insinuating the CIA into the airplane deal.

The airplane-exchange idea, which federal prosecutors estimate cost taxpayers $22 million, arose from conversations between Reagan and representatives of a California aviation company, Hemet Valley Flying Service, in 1987. The intent, McDonald said during the trial, was to give newer aircraft to companies that fight fires for the Forest Service. Aircraft museums to benefit.  In exchange for the C-130 and P-6s, some of which came from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base's boneyard.  The companies were to provide outdated firefighting planes to aircraft museums around the country, including the Pima Air and Space Museum. A trio of Air Force generals testified during the trial they didn't understand the titles of the aircraft would leave government control, or else they would not have approved of the exchanges. Eitel claims that was the whole point. The aircraft were intended for firefighting during the fire season and covert operations in the off-season, he said. His documentary evidence is sporadic, but the concept of the CIA working with the Forest Service and using private contractors to conduct covert activities is not far-fetched. “The CIA recruited smoke-jumpers out of the Forest Service beginning in the 1950s to go on CIA clandestine operations, particularly in the Far East,'' Leary said. “Later it was one of these ex-CIA smoke-jumpers who put together Intermountain Aviation,'' Leary said. That company, wholly owned by the CIA, operated Pinal Air Park in Marana until it was bought by Evergreen Air Center, the current occupants, in 1975 CIA operations shift.

Truthful information provided. Lefkowitz, who prosecuted Reagan and Fuchs, said the problem with the CIA allegations is that Eitel is behind all of them. There is a history of such relationships, and it runs through Arizona, said William Leary, *See JKF Files page - The Phoenix Connection, a University of Georgia history professor. He is the author and editor of several books on the CIA's aviation operations, including “Perilous Missions,'' a 1984 book on covert air operations in Asia. In the period since the mid-1970s, the CIA has shifted from maintaining its own aviation proprietaries to contracting private companies for individual missions, Leary said.  Eitel, the plaintiff in the civil lawsuit, believes these C-130s were performing such missions. He said in a sworn declaration that he was working as a first officer for Evergreen in 1989 when he first learned of the exchange program and concluded it was a CIA operation. Fifteen of the C-130s passed through Evergreen's base at Pinal Air Park on the way to private contractors, and Eitel says they were used for covert operations then.  Eitel, who flew more than 300 combat missions in Vietnam, points to the aircraft sent in the first batch to Hemet Valley and Hawkins & Powers Aviation. Five of the 13 that went to those companies were C-130A-II aircraft, which had been specially outfitted with electronic reconnaissance equipment, CIA missions performed. The former director of maintenance for Hemet Valley, Daryl Shippy, said in a 1995 deposition for a separate lawsuit that two of the planes had performed CIA missions before the company received them. More hints at CIA involvement came in a 1993 sworn declaration by the head of a Chandler company, T&G Aviation, that received three of the C-130s in the exchange program. In the declaration, William ``Woody'' Grantham said another aircraft company, Southern Air Transport, did not want him to receive planes. “The chairman of the board for SAT, James Bastian, was counsel to the Central Intelligence Agency when George Bush was director. I believe SAT was concerned that I was going to get some of the overseas work they had been traditionally getting,'' Grantham said.  Grantham has denied his aircraft went to CIA use in subsequent interviews. Eitel's insistence on bringing the CIA into the civil lawsuit instigated conflict with the Justice Department late last year. Eitel's attorney - whom he has since fired - subpoenaed investigators from the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration, intending to ask them about the CIA's involvement in the aircraft exchange. The Justice Department responded with a letter that said neither investigator could discuss information from CIA files. During Defense investigator Ray Smith's November deposition, he said he had made contact with the CIA while investigating the aircraft-exchange program. He concluded the agency had not been involved in the program. A Justice Department attorney would not allow Smith to say whether it was unusual for him to communicate with the CIA during his investigations. Pilot recruited Tom Miller, an FAA investigator, backed up the alleged CIA connection in a December deposition. He said he worked with the CIA and recruited Eitel during the 1980s to fly helicopters for a South American government. He also said in a separate sworn statement that he had personal knowledge Eitel was recruited by the CIA to fly in Angola in 1976. Eitel's latest salvo came in a March 24 sworn declaration by M. Gene Wheaton, a private investigator from California. Wheaton said that Joseph Kelso, a man who has alleged his own ties with the CIA, told him he was involved in negotiating the purchase of C-130s involved in the exchange program.  Kelso, a figure who appeared in congressional testimony over the Iran-Contra affair, was imprisoned during the 1980s after being convicted of illegally selling missiles to Iraq. Kelso alleged after his arrest that the CIA had sold him out by not fighting off his criminal charges. Kelso could not be reached for comment. 

CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM - "The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.S. Department of Defense, accounting to Congressional committees with respect to the experiments and studies." "The Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States]."  SOURCE Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 91, page 334, you will find Public Law 95-79. Public Law 97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1882.  In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 96, page 1882, you will find Public Law 97-375. 


Chemtrails are manipulating both our health and genetic makeup; look at the content samples taken after Chemtrail spraying. Ingredients have been obtained from analyses performed on Chemtrail residue:

Aerosol Barium salts - such as were used in Desert Storm where they were sprayed and exploded overhead to make the people extremely sick and weak. It s a radioactive material that accelerates and magnifies the effects of other mix ingredients by altering the chemical structure of the other agents. A spectrum analysis reveals only the barium compounds hides the “poison” by placing a shell around it. After time, it releases the other agent. Think of it as a time release illness pill.

Ethylene dibromide (dibromethane) - Banned in 1984 by the EPA, is a carcinogenic fuel additive and insecticide with a chloroform-like odor. It is claimed to be similar to silver iodide, which was once used for cloud seeding and weather modification purposes. When absorbed, EDB causes central nervous system depression and pulmonary edema, which is fluid accumulation in the lungs. Symptoms of pulmonary edema include shortness of breath, anxiety, wheezing, and coughing. It is extremely irritant to mucous membranes and to the respiratory tract. These are all symptoms associated with the “chemtrail cough,” and with the growing lethargy noticed in populated areas both here and around the world where spraying is taking place.


Enterobacteriaceae - Includes E.coli and salmonella which are the problem in cases of food poisoning. Most interesting of the Enterobacteriaceae family is called the Klebsiella genus, whose species is responsible for pneumonia infections.


Serratia marcescens - a dangerous pathogen that can cause pneumonia.  One link from the Canadian Intelligence Security Service formation on the San Francisco 1950 biological testing reports that “One of the biggest experiments by the government involved the use of Serratia marcescens being sprayed over San Francisco." This organism produces a red/pink pigment when grown, which makes identification very easy. At one point, 5000 particles/minute were sprayed from the coastal areas inward. During this time, 1 man died and 10 others became infected in what was described as a mystery to doctors.  The military claimed it did not do many follow up studies on the tests, yet one result showed nearly every single person became infected with the test organism. Some of this information has become declassified, it’s been shown that during periods following spraying tests, there were 5-10 times the normal infections reported.


Streptomyces - Streptomycetes are used to produce the majority of antibiotics applied in human and veterinary medicine and agriculture, as well as anti-parasitic agents, herbicides, pharmacologically active metabolites.  A restriction enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA. Other bacteria and toxic molds capable of producing heart disease, encephalitis, and meningitis—of which there are renewed outbreaks, especially in heavily sprayed cities such as Houston—as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.

Letter written by Al B. Cuppett about the systematic spraying of our skies.

Alexander "Al" B. Cuppett
US Army/The Joint Staff (JCS), Retired
Madison, VA 22727,
12 March 2001 8 May 2001 - Update 1
TO: General John P. Jumper, Commander, Air Combat Command (ACC)
INFO: GEN Shelton, Chairman, JCS; GEN Shinseki, CSA; Gen Ryan, CSAF; ADM Clark, CNO; GEN Jones, CMC; ADM Blair, CINCPAC; ADM Fargo, CINCPACFLT; Senators Allen, Shelby, Miller, and Warner; Congressmen Barr, Paul, Bartlett, Cantor, Goode, and Burton; Commonwealth of Virginia Federal and Military/Police Officers

Sir:  I have just been informed by a freelance reporter out of Munich, Germany, that she recently interviewed two Russian speaking officers who admitted they had been "flying TOS missions in the United States". This report was the final confirmation required to dispatch this letter to the above principals.  To prove I know whereof I speak, be advised I served the United States thirty-one years, nineteen of which were "joint service". Moreover, I served two years as an Air Staff Action Officer in XOKCR/SITI; as well as a Communications (C3I) Action Officer/Evaluator, for six years, on the Joint Staff in then-C3SEO, and J-7/EAD. I received the, "Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal", and during my service career, the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, et al, on a 15 month combat tour; being stationed 14 years overseas, and serving in over 25 countries.  If you aren't familiar with "TOS" particulars, be advised that Presidents Bush and Clinton put these sorry 'counter-US sovereignty' TOS Agreements in place, legally or otherwise, ostensively to insure our compliance with 'Nuke Reduction Agreements'. Such pretenses were mainly a "public consumption" issue, as is the 45th RS, 55th Wg, and their 3 TOS compliance "OC-135W" planes, w/multinational crews, based at Offutt AFB; and associated with the "On-Site Inspection Agency (OSIA)". The clandestine purpose of the TOS, rather than to certify US/foreign treaty compliance at US/foreign military bases, was to allow UN/Soviet pilots to overfly, without restrictions/hinderance, the US populace, operating in several modes; which I'll detail below. First off, I have prima facie evidence, from "All Sources", that Soviet/UN pilots, in foreign planes/choppers, are routinely flying "civil radar-spoofing", transponder-equipped flagrantly illegal, low-level, IR-magnetometer-radar sweeps, and yes, "black operations" sorties, against private citizens; thus, searching for stored weapons, equipment, and food, etc! This includes sensor-equipped, Soviet Hip (MI-17) choppers over legal Federal Firearms Licensed businesses! I saw one! These despicable UN-ordered missions are bad enough, however, what follows is far worse.  For at least 8 years, TOS aircraft/choppers have been conducting pernicious, bio-chemical warfare operations all over the USA! I maintain hundreds of reports, many 'first person', as do other military retirees, including retired flag officers, of numerous attacks on our population; over both cities and rural areas.  People are being surreptitiously sickened, and yes, killed, as a result of these "spraying" operations. The leftist US press is purposely covering the truth, and the US military, the "only super power" (what a joke!), can do nothing! But sir, while I have breath, I shall write!  On 29 January 2001, these "carpet-spraying" operations finally came to Central Virginia! Investigation reveals these tanker-configured aircraft are now spraying "chemtrails" of "mycoplasmas/fungi spores" in most areas of the USA. I'm a licensed pilot, and have seen/endured, various aerial sorties myself, for over seven years! These operational sorties also "feature", among other pathogens, Hepatitis, upper respiratory irritants, ad nauseam, etc.!  If you didn't know about this, you do now. Moreover, if you don't dispatch an armed F-15, or two, out of Langley/ACC to "splash" a few of these flying murderers, you'll never qualify for the "Admiral Mike Boorda Trophy".  Boorda knew these UN operations were going on, and was planning to do something; but alas, died, not by "suicide", but with 3 bullets in his body! If the action/info addressees above sit by and do nothing they're no more honorable than the traitorous Illuminist "leaders" who allowed these pernicious UN-Soviet terrorists/troops/cops/pilots into this country; in by the hundreds of thousands, no less! Gentlemen, when the "bio agent" is Anthrax spores, it'll be too late!
Very respectfully, with warm regards,
Al Cuppett



United States Patent  3,899,144                                                                                August 12, 1975

Powder contrail generation                            Abstract

Light scattering pigment powder particles, surface treated to minimize inparticle cohesive forces, are dispensed from a jet mill deagglomerator as separate single particles to produce a powder contrail having maximum visibility or radiation scattering ability for a given weight material.


Werle; Donald K. (Hillside, IL), Kasparas; Romas (Riverside, IL), Katz; Sidney (Chicago, IL)


The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy (Washington, DC)

Appl. No.:



July 22, 1974


What is claim is:
1. Contrail generation apparatus for producing a powder contrail having maximum radiation scattering ability for a given weight material, comprising:
a. an aerodynamic housing;
b. a jet tube means passing through said housing, said tube means having an inlet at a forward end of said housing and an exhaust at a rearward end thereof;
c. a powder storage means in said housing;
d. a deagglomeration means also in said housing;
e. means connecting said powder storage means with said deagglomeration means for feeding radiation scattering powder from said powder storage means to said deagglomeration means;
f. the output of said deagglomeration means dispensing directly into said jet tube means for exhausting deagglomerated powder particles into the atmosphere to form a contrail; and
h. means for controlling the flow of said powder from said storage means to said deagglomeration means.
2. Apparatus as in claim 1 wherein said jet tube means is a ram air jet tube.
3. Apparatus as in claim 1 wherein an upstream deflector baffle is provided at the output of said deagglomeration means into said jet tube means to produce a venturi effect for minimizing back pressure on said powder feeding means.
4. Apparatus as in claim 1 wherein said deagglomerator means comprises:
a. means for subjecting powder particles from said powder storage means to a hammering action to aerate and precondition the powder; and
b. a jet mill means to further deagglomerate the powder into separate particles.
5. Apparatus as in claim 4 wherein pressurized gas means is provided for operating said deagglomeration means.
6. Apparatus as in claim 1 wherein said radiation scattering powder particles are titanium dioxide pigment having a median particle size of about 0.3 microns.
7. Apparatus as in claim 1 wherein said radiation scattering powder particles have a coating of extremely fine hydrophobic colloidal silica thereon to minimize interparticle cohesive forces.
8. Apparatus as in claim 1 wherein the formulation of said powder consists of 85% by weight of TiO.sub.2 pigment of approximately 0.3 micron media particle size, 10% by weight of colloidal silica of 0.007 micron primary particle size, and 5% by weight of silica gel having an average particle size of 4.5 microns.
9. The method of producing a light radiation scattering contrail, comprising:
a. surface treating light scattering powder particles to minimize interparticle cohesive forces;
b. deagglomerating said powder particles in two stages prior to dispensing into a jet tube by subjecting said powder particles to a hammering action in the first stage to aerate and precondition the powder, and by passing said powder through a jet mill in the second stage to further deagglomerate the powder;
c. dispensing the deagglomerated powder from the jet mill directly into a jet tube for exhausting said powder into the atmosphere, thus forming a contrail.
10. A method as in claim 9 wherein said light scattering powder particles is titanium dioxide pigment.
11. A method as in claim 9 wherein said powder particles are treated with a coating of extremely fine hydrophobic colloidal silica to minimize interparticle cohesive forces.
12. A method as in claim 11 wherein said treated powder particles are further protected with a silica gel powder.

The present invention relates to method and apparatus for contrail generation and the like.
An earlier known method in use for contrail generation involves oil smoke trails produced by injecting liquid oil directly into the hot jet exhaust of an aircraft target vehicle. The oil vaporizes and recondenses being the aircraft producing a brilliant white trail. Oil smoke trail production requires a minimum of equipment; and, the material is low in cost and readily available. However, oil smoke requires a heat source to vaporize the liquid oil and not all aircraft target vehicles, notably towed targets, have such a heat source. Also, at altitudes above about 25,000 feet oil smoke visibility degrades rapidly.
The present invention is for a powder generator requiring no heat source to emit a "contrail" with sufficient visibility to aid in visual acquisition of an aircraft target vehicle and the like. The term "contrail" was adopted for convenience in identifying the visible powder trail of this invention. Aircraft target vehicles are used to simulate aerial threats for missile tests and often fly at altitudes between 5,000 and 20,000 feet at speeds of 300 and 400 knots or more. The present invention is also suitable for use in other aircraft vehicles to generate contrails or reflective screens for any desired purpose.
The powder contail generator is normally carried on an aircraft in a pod containing a ram air tube and powder feed hopper. Powder particles, surface treated to minimize interparticle cohesive forces are fed from the hopper to a deagglomerator and then to the ram air tube for dispensing as separate single particles to produce a contrail having maximum visibility for a given weight material.
Other object, advantages and novel features of the invention will become apparent from the following detailed description of the invention when considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawing.
FIG. 1 is a schematic sectional side-view of a powder contrail generator of the present invention.
The powder contail generator in pod 10, shown in FIG. 1, is provided with a powder feed hopper 12 positioned in the center section of the pod and which feeds a powder 13 to a deagglomerator 14 by means of screw conveyors 16 across the bottom of the hopper. The deagglomerator 14 produces two stages of action. In the first stage of deagglomeration, a shaft 18 having projecting radial rods 19 in compartment 20 is rotated by an air motor 21, or other suitable drive means. The shaft 18 is rotated at about 10,000 rpm, for example. As powder 13 descends through the first stage compartment 20 of the deagglomeration chamber, the hammering action of rotating rods 19 serves to aerate and precondition the powder before the second stage of deagglomeration takes place in the jet mill section 22. In the jet mill 22, a plurality of radial jets 24 (e.g., six 0.050 inch diamter radial jets) direct nitrogen gas (at e.g., 120 psig) inward to provide energy for further deagglomeration of the powder. The N.sub.2, or other suitable gas, is provided from storage tanks 25 and 26, for example, in the pod. The jet mill 22 operates in a similar manner to commercial fluid energy mills except that there is no provision for recirculation of oversize particles. Tests with the deagglomerator show that at a feed rate of approximately 11/2 lb/min, treated titanium dioxide powder pigment is effectively dispersed as single particles with very few agglomerates evident. The nitrogen gas stored in cylinder tanks 25 and 26 is charged to 1800 psig, for example. Two stages of pressure reduction, for example, by pressure reduction valves 28 and 29, bring the final delivery pressure at the radial jets 24 and to the air motor 21 to approximately 120 psig. A solenoid valve 30 on the 120 psig line is connected in parallel with the electric motor 32 which operates the powder feeder screws 16 for simultaneous starting and running of the powder feed, the air motor and the jet mill deagglomerator. Air enters ram air tube 34 at its entrance 35 and the exhaust from the jet mill deagglomerator passes directly into the ram air tube. At the deagglomerator exhaust 36 into ram air tube 34, an upstream deflector baffle 38 produces a venturi effect which minimizes back pressure on the powder feed system. The powder is then jetted from the exhaust end 40 of the ram air tube to produce a contrail. A pressure equalization tube, not shown, can be used to connect the top of the closed hopper 12 to the deagglomeration chamber 14. A butterfly valve could be provided at the powder hopper outlet 39 to completely isolate and seal off the powder supply when not in use. Powder 13 could then be stored in hopper 12 for several weeks, without danger of picking up excessive moisture, and still be adequately dispensed.  P
 reparation of the light scatter powder 13 is of a critical importance to production of a powder "contrail" having maximum visibility for a given weight of material. It is essential that the pigment powder particles be dispensed as separate single particles rather than as agglomerates of two or more particles. The powder treatment produces the most easily dispersed powder through the use of surface treatments which minimize interparticle cohesive forces. Titanium dioxide pigment was selected as the primary light scattering material because of its highly efficient light scattering ability and commercially available pigment grades. Titanium dioxide pigment (e.g., DuPont R--931) with a median particle size of about 0.3.mu. has a high bulk density and is not readily aerosolizable as a submicron cloud without the consumption of a large amount of deagglomeration energy. In order to reduce the energy requirement for deagglomeration, the TiO.sub.2 powder is specially treated with a hydrophobic colloidal silica which coats and separates the individual TiO.sub.2 pigment particles. The extremely fine particulate nature (0.007.mu. primary particle size) of Cobot S--101 Silanox grade, for example, of colloidal silica minimizes the amount needed to coat and separate the TiO.sub.2 particles, and the hydrophobic surface minimizes the affinity of the powder for absorbtion of moisture from the atmosphere. Adsorbed moisture in powders causes liquid bridges at interparticle contacts and it then becomes necessary to overcome the adsorbed-liquid surface tension forces as well as the weaker Van der Waals' forces before the particles can be separated. The Silanox treated titanium dioxide pigment is further protected from the deleterious effects of adsorbed moisture by incorporation of silica gel. The silica gel preferentially adsorbs water vapor that the powder may be exposed to after drying and before use. The silica gel used is a powder product, such as Syloid 65 from the W. R Grace and Co., Davison Chemical Division, and has an average particle size about 4.5.mu. and a large capacity for moisture at low humidities. A typical powder composition used is shown in Table 1. This formulation was blended intimately with a Patterson-Kelley Co. twin shell dry LB-model LB--2161 with intensifier. Batches of 1500 g were blended for 15 min. each and packaged in 5-lb cans. The bulk density of the blended powder is 0.22 g/cc. Since deagglomeration is facilitated by having the powder bone dry, the powder should be predried before sealing the cans. In view of long periods (e.g., about 4 months) between powder preparation and use it is found preferable to spread the powder in a thin layer in an open container and place in a 400.degree.F over two days before planned usage. The powder is removed and placed in the hopper about 2 hours before use.

Table 1 ______________________________________ CONTRAIL POWDER FORMULATION Ingredient % by Weight ______________________________________ TiO.sub.2 (e.g., DuPont R-931) 85 median particle size 0.3.mu. Colloidal Silica (e.g., Cabot S-101 Silanox) 10 primary particle size 0.007.mu. Silica gel (e.g., Syloid 65) 5 average particle size 4.5.mu. ______________________________________

Other type powder compositions can also be used with the apparatus described herein. For example, various powder particles which reflect electromagnetic radiation can be dispensed as a chaff or the like from the contrail generator.
Obviously many modifications and variations of the present invention are possible in the light of the above teachings. It is therefore to be understood that within the scope of the appended claims the invention may be practiced otherwise than as specifically described. 

Why would this be used in a “Contrail” patent?  To be used in Chemtrails... 

DuPont R-931 A rutile titanium dioxide pigment, R-931 is manufactured by the chloride process and is supplied as a fine, dry powder or in aqueous slurry form.              



Partial list of weather modification patents registered:

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High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a major Arctic facility for  upper atmospheric and solar/terrestrial research. HAARP is being built on a Department of Defense owned site near Gakona, Alaska. The facility includes a high power, high-frequency phased array radio transmitter used to stimulate small, well-defined volumes of the ionosphere, and an ultra-high frequency scatter radar thats used to measure electron densities and ion temperatures.


The following is the military's interest in weather modification. 

"The military has had about 20 years to work on weather warfare methods, which it euphemistically calls weather modification. " For example, rainmaking technology was taken for a few test rides in Vietnam. The US Department of Defense sampled lightning and hurricane manipulation studies in Project Skyfire and Project Stormfury. And they looked at some complicated technologies that would give big effects.  Experts say the military studied both lasers and chemicals which they figured could damage the ozone layer over an enemy. Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as to detect them, was part of the project named Prime Argus, decades ago. The money for that came from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA, now under the acronym ARPA.
As far back as 1958, the chief White House adviser on weather modification, Captain Howard T. Orville, said the US defence department was studying "ways to manipulate the charges of the Earth and sky and so affect the weather by using an electronic beam to ionise or de-ionise the atmosphere over a given area."
In 1966, Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald was Associate Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee, and later a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on the use of environmental control technologies for military purposes. MacDonald made a revealing comment: "The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy."
World-recognised scientist MacDonald had a number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and he contributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist. When he wrote his chapter, "How to Wreck the Environment", for the book Unless Peace Comes, he was not kidding around. In it he describes the use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice-cap melting or destabilisation, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brainwave manipulation using the planet's energy fields. He also said that these types of weapons would be developed and, when used, would be virtually undetectable by their victims…




Barium salt, polymer fibers and other chemicals in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that may be directly responsible for unexplained nose bleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory ailments, fatique and arthritis-like symptoms. These chemicals are sprayed into our atmosphere and are producing air conditions that are harmful to humans and animals, while stimulating the growth of molds and bacteria.  Barium salts, which is an Earth metal, dispersed in a continual controlled amount, have toxins that absorb readily into the gastrointestinal tract which are deposited into muscles and other tissue.  No case studies have been published on the long-term effects in humans. The programs remain secret..secret across The Barium Sky.                         





        "A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men  for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admit in public”   Mark Twain


The following is from one of the reference Chemtrail websites listed on this page..

Big Brother is always watching...and http://www.carnicom.com/visitors.htm is

showing us who...

Some of the recent visitors to http://www.carnicom.com/ include:

United States government computer systems are to be used for official purposes only.

1. Desert Research Institute in Nevada (weather modification research institution) (repeat visits)...
2. Fort Lewis Army Military Base in the state of Washington (home of special forces air squadron)
3. Lockheed Martin (aviation and space defense contractor) (repeat visits)(repeat repeat visits)
4. Los Alamos National Laboratory (repeat visit)......



21. United States Federal Aviation Administration

22. United States Naval Research Center, Washington D.C.

23. Rockwell-Collins (U.S. defense contractor)

24. Honeywell (U.S. Defense Contractor)(repeat visit)

25. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton OH (repeat visit)(repeat repeat visit)

Something of interest...Senator Barry Goldwater, R Arizona, was defeated in his run for President by Lyndon Johnson. He was also a Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserve

and a pilot. He stated, "It is true that I was denied access to a facility at Wright Patterson

Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, because I never got in..I can't tell you what was inside..I

have intelligent friends who have." From a letter dated April 1979...Senator Goldwater

was told of the existence of the "Blue Room" at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. While

visiting the base, he asked General LeMay if he could go inside the room. LeMay said,

"Hell no, you can't go. I can't go, and don't ask me again." Senator Goldwater said thats

the maddest he has every seen the General. So now the question is why would an Air

Force Base have repeated visits to a Chemtrail website..an Air Force Base with top level

security..unless that Air ForceBase is one more location where the Chemtrail spray

planes originate..

33. Teledyne Brown Engineering (U.S. Defense Contractor)
34. United States Navy Medical Department
35. Air National Guard, Salt Lake City, Utah
36. Monsanto Company(Chemical, Pesticide, and Pharmaceutical products) (repeat visit)...

74. Orlando Regional Healthcare System, Florida
75. United States Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
76. United States Misawa Air Base, Japan
77. United States Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii
78. United States Osan Air Force Base, Korea
79. Royal Air Force, Lakenheath, Suffolk
80. United States Scott Air Force Base
81. United States F.E. Warren Air Force Base
82. United States Air Force News Agency
83. United States Langley Air Force Base (repeat visit)
84. United States Tinker Air Force Base
85. United States McConnell Air Force Base
86. United States Charleston Air Force Base
87. United States Randolph Air Force Base
88. United States Air Force Reserve Command
89. United States Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
90. United States Bolling Air Force Base, Washington DC
91. Keesler Air Force Base, MS
91. United States Hill Air Force Base
92. United States Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
93. United States Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota
94. United States Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
(Visitors 75-96 arrived within a 24 hour period 092399)
97. United StatesCannon Air Force Base, New Mexico
98. United States McQuire Air Force Base
99. United States Beale Air Force Base (home of the U-2 fleet of reconnaisance aircraft)
100. United States Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Prisons
101. Metnet - United States Navy (associated with weather reporting system and SPAWAR)
102. TRADOC - United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, VA
103. Newsweek Magazine
104. United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
105. Massachusetts Medical Society, Owner - Publisher : New England Journal of Medicine

108. UNITED STATES JOINT FORCES COMMAND (reports to US Secretary of Defense)(repeat visit)

122. Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO (home of NORAD and SPACECOM)
123. Raytheon (visits immediately after introduction of HAARP implications)
124. United States Army War College
125. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
126. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


In 1998 Americans started to take notice of the Chemtrails in the skies. 

Now in 2011 thousands of people in countries across
the globe watch the skies and wonder...are we becoming lab rats.........




more Barium sky in 2009...






One or more experimental weather modification/mitigation bills could be passed by the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives early in January 2009. 


California Senator Boxer, Connecticut Senator Lieberman, Nevada Senate Leader Reid, Texas Senator Hutchison, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi intend to drive Climate Change Legislation (Cap & Trade Bills), through Congress early in January 2009. 

NOAA (U.S. Department of Commerce), lists more than sixty current and ongoing weather modification programs being implemented across the United States on a yearly basis.  In addition to the programs listed by NOAA, there are private, university, military, and ongoing government sponsored atmospheric testing and heating programs underway in Alaska and across the United States.

Artificial weather modification can impact all of us by chemically polluting our water supplies, changing agricultural crop production cycles and micro-climates, reducing crop production, and water availability.  Since most experimental weather modification programs use chemicals released into the atmosphere the public could be subjected to increasingly toxic or unknown substances that could adversely impact agricultural crops, pollute drinking water supplies, and cause declining tree health. 

If the weather is changed in one state, region or county it changes local micro-climates needed for agricultural crop production. These changes can cause dramatic shifts in weather conditions in other locations both nearby and thousands of miles away.  And who is going to decide the type of weather modification experimentation and who will benefit or suffer from the adverse consequences of these programs? Who will be responsible for studying the synergistic effects of these programs or pay for unintended disasters created by this experimentation?  If these programs change growing seasons and interrupt the pollination process crop losses could be substantial.

The following bills were slated to be passed by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008:  (Most of these bills will be reintroduced with new bill numbers in 2009.)

U.S. Senate Bill 1807 http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s110-1807

U.S. Senate Bill 2191 http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s110-2191  

U.S. Senate Bill 3036 http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s110-3036 

U.S. House Bill 3445  http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h110-3445

U.S. House Draft Bill – Congressman Dingell



Included in Climate Security and Climate Change Legislation will be Cap & Trade Bills which will be more Stock Market Schemes designated as: Cap & Trade Bills under the heading of climate security acts.